Where to Eat

Recommended restaurants and cafés in Valdivia


(We take responsibility for these comments, there is no publicity involved in connection to these places, we believe there isn’t more effective  way of marketing than recommendation without expecting anything in return because we know they are excellent places to visit if you want to go out to eat or simply enjoy our town.)

Café La Última Frontera

Excellent place to go out for lunch or to have a sandwich (we recommend a Pollo Meli or a Compañero, also tacos are spectacular) and beer. Good music and excellent atmosphere. They are listed in Lonely Planet and other international travel guides.

Vicente Pérez Rosales, 787. On the corner of Yerbas Buenas street, opposite San Francisco church.

Kunstmann brewery (www.lacerveceria.cl)

If you come to Valdivia, it is a must-see place. You can ask for a tasting of every kind of beer they have. We recommend you their beer column or delicious Picadillo Kunstman. You can get many souvenirs or presents for your family and friends from their museum. The brewery is on the way to Niebla after passing over the Río Cruces bridge.

Route T-350N, Nº 950. Phone: 292969

Haussmann (www.haussmann.cl)

Their slogan is „Crudos which have made Valdivia famous“ and that’s true. Generation after generation, many have visited Valdivia to eat the best crudos /finely chopped raw beef/. It‘s always been at the same place and its environment makes you feel like you are in good company. Also their selection of cakes and tarts is a sure shot. 

O´higgins, 394. Phone: 213878

Entrelagos Chocolatería

Valdivia classic to buy chocolate, marzipan or excellent ice-cream. 

Pérez Rosales, 622. (063) 212047

Café Moro

Good for lunch, offers delicious coffee and provides a quiet environment where you can work, meet friends and have a conversation. Situated right in the centre, just a few steps from the Plaza de Armas.

Libertad Avenue, 174. Phone 250459

Emporio XIV (www.emporioxiv.cl)

This cuisine tries to bring innovation with the flavours of the south, a seal of quality in Emporio is its fusion of international and local cuisine. In their menu appear varieties of ceviche and sushi side by side to traditional and vegetarian pizza, sandwiches made with wholegrain kneaded or loaf bread, toasted sandwiches with cheese and mushroom, cheese and tomato, cheese and ham among other delicacies. Excellent quality lunch.

Yerbas Buenas 207, on the corner of Perez Rosales. Phone 063-203040

Restaurant Shanghai (Chinese cuisine)

Next to the bus station. We think they have the best customer service in Valdivia. 


On the riverside, very close to our Hostel. Lovely place, situated next to the riverside. They offer delicious sandwiches.

Prat Nº327 Avenue, Riverside. (63) 433435


This is the best place to have a terremoto in Valdivia. The owners say this is the place where a workman meets an executive and they are right. It’s got a good ambience, you can have something delicious to eat or drink while having a conversation.

Bueras Avenue, on the corner of Philippi, poor quarters

El Volcán

It’s got an old school ambience of Estadio magazine in my father’s time. Exceptional customer service. I always ask for a hamburger, because it’s freshly prepared in the restaurant. But also pichangas and completos seem delicious. It’s right in the town centre, near Taboada.

Caupolicán 425. In the town centre.

Café donde la Negra

If you want to treat someone, who likes sweets, like a king or a queen. You should know they offer a wide selection of desserts, lemon pies, tarts, cakes and all those delicious things one can think of for tea, cocktail party or breakfast. You can have lunch there or you can buy bread.

Los Robles 302, it’s located on Teja Island. (63) 215759 www.dondelanegra.cl 

Café Palace

This is the real Valdivia classic. It’s always full in the morning, so you can come to have breakfast, read a newspaper or start your day with a good conversation. In the afternoon, it’s a good place to enjoy the after office, so you can come and have a tasty pisco sour.

Pérez Rosales 580. On the corner of Arauco, just a few steps from the Plaza de la República.


From my point of view, this is one of the loveliest places to eat in Valdivia. Sushi is their specialty, but if you come, make the most of it and try their rolls, sashimi (raw salmon..but oh so tasty) and all those tasty things you see others eating.

Germán Saelzer 20. Teja Island. (63) 201120

La Protectora

This is one of the favorite restaurants, because it’s close to us and we often eat there. It deserves the 3Bs: bueno, bonito, barato /good, nice and cheap/. It’s always busy, customer service is quick and they have prices to suit every budget. This is by far one of the best lunch spots.

Janequeo 491

La Perla del sur

When some travellers-tourists-friends ask where to eat fresh and good seafood or fish, we clearly recommend La Perla del Sur. It’s easy to find, because there is a metal frogman outside of the restaurant on the corner of the Libertad and Prat streets.

Prat 500, this is opposite the river market.

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