Room Prices

Room Prices 2018-2019 Low Season
(March 31 to September 31)
High Season
(October 1 to April 1)
Rooms Alerce-Ciprés Tineo-Canelo-Roble-Avellano-Arrayán.

Room with private bath, includes continental breakfast, central heating, Wifi, double bed and a bunk bed.

Single: $24.000 Single:$29.000
Doble: $29.000 Doble: $32.000
Triple: $33.000 Triple: $38.000
Rooms  Araucaria-Ulmo-Lenga
Room includes Cable TV, continental breakfast, Wi-Fi. Double bed and a double square. bathroom  Single: $22.000 Single:$27.000
Doble: $27.000 Doble: $30.000
Triple: $31.000 Triple: $36.000
Rooms Raulí 

Raulí (8 people), Lenga (6 people) Rooms with bunk beds, includes continental breakfast, Wifi, and individual lockers, shared bathroom.

Single: $10.000 Single: $12.000

Discount 19% for foreign (Chilean Tax)

What do we offer?
Excellent attention | Free Breakfast | Dining and Kitchen available for use | Safe and clean | 24 beds | Wi-Fi Internet access | TV full cord | Lockers Luggage | Laundry and dryer | Comfortable spaces to share | Living TV | Tourist information | B & B shared parts |

Steps from the riverpromonate, one block from the casino, banks, pubs, restaurant, museums, parade.