About Us

Bosque Nativo Hostel is a refuge for adventurers and those who like to travel back in time. The Hostel dates back to 1939 and has survived the biggest earthquake ever recorded. Now, celebrating its seventieth birthday, Bosque Nativo Hostel has been reconstructed and restored in order to offer visitors from all over the world a tribute to the source of pride for southern Chile: the native forest.
Bosque Nativo Hostel is an auto financed unit owned by the Agrupacion de Ingenieros Forestales por el Bosque Nativo. The non government and non profit Valdivian organization works for the conservation and sustainable management of Chiles native forests. By choosing Bosque Nativo Hostel you are contributing to the worldwide conservation of biodiversity, the natural habitat of many flora and fauna that only exist in our country.
“We open our doors to every traveller that shares our passion for enjoying life and protecting nature and the environment."
AIFBN is composed of over 300 members, professional adventurers with diverse specialties, and citizens from regions of Chile, America, and Europe. More information can be found at www.bosquenativo.cl